World Series Of Poker $1,500 “The Closer”

My final World Series of Poker event is the $ 1500 closer. No, not that closer be closer. I am a closer.

I will close this baby out, not gon na leave this summer a loser, it’s time to win time, to run good and get all the chips. I want to give shout outs to check-raise Charles another popular vlogger, who helped me find the proper editing programs to make these hilarious thumbnails that you’ve seen for the last month without hand and a little creativity. It wouldn’t have been possible.

So I hope you guys enjoy the thumbnails shout out to all American day for feeding me at a price for most of the summer, while the Rio and, of course, shout out to all the investors and the swaps that have kept me from going broke. This summer means a lot guys. Hopefully I can carry my sports website for once. We got a few more chances, so never gon na give up hope and of course, this vlog would not be possible without viewers like you, this isn’t PBS, but people weren’t watching.

I probably wouldn’t be doing this, so thanks for subscribing hitting that like button and commenting below hold us when you unload it something with y & z, 100-200 with a 25 auntie, an elderly Asian on my right, who seems to play every pot raises to 500. I haven’t won a pot or played a plot pot. Yet so we three bet him to 1500, with East 9 of diamonds action folds to a seven-year-old Caucasian male in the small blind who shoves all in 20,000 chips, action, folds back to us – and I can’t call this Jam I fold.

I asked him to show the bluff and he shows pocket kings and we move on to the next hand, with blinds at 100 200 with a 25 ante Asian male on my right lips for 200. This could be any. I look down at Ace.

King. I’Ve not won a pot yet, but this is a great spot to win a pot. We size up to 800, knowing he’s gon na live, call every hand everyone folds to him and he puts in the call the flop comes jack.

10. 6. This flops gon na hit a lot of his continuing range and I don’t really feel like three barrel. Bluffing in this spot probably won’t improve. So I checked behind the Turner’s, the three he checks I check he can have a lot of non pair hands on this board. With this action.

The river is a 10 pairing the board. So I really think I have the best hand with ace high king kicker. He bets 1350, pretty large bet considering the pot size, which is a good thing. It polarizes his value versus bluff range. He could be bluffing with pretty much anything that isn’t a pair and I don’t think, there’s many pairs that are value betting, so I put in the call with ace high and he shows Queen 10 off suit. He got me good with wines at 150.

300, with a 50 ante, the same elderly Asian male opens to 650. On my direct right, I looked down at East King offsuit, slam-dunk three bet spot. I have about 7500 to start the hand.

I make it 2600 about half my stack folds back to the Asian, who doesn’t even think about it and wants to see a flop. The flop comes jack, five deuce rainbow. This should miss a lot of his hands that he’s calling with pretty much any two. So when he checks to us, I think we only have one move: we’re here to rep aces, kings, queens, ace, Jack, Jack’s, tens, whatever all the better hands.

We have other than ace king in this spot, so we shove all-in. He snap calls and shows pocket sixes. Good read good, read must have put me squarely on ace king, but the turn is a nine and the river is a nine. Of course we don’t improve and we are out of the 1,500 closer we’re closing out the summer good game. Us thanks for watching and with that we conclude our experience at the Rio for the 2018 World Series of Poker.

Hundreds of hours of pain, stress, exhilaration, disappointment. I hate to say I’m gon na quit vlogging. But if I don’t play poker tournaments anymore, I don’t think there’s going to be much to vlog. So I think I’m gon na take my talents elsewhere.

Hopefully, in the media business, maybe food review, business broadcasting, radio strip club DJ. All these things seem a lot more interesting and rewarding than playing live, poker stay tuned to find out what happens, but most of all, thanks for watching, subscribing liking and commenting below on one hand it it’s gon na be very difficult to quit, and I have so Many viewers that really appreciate all the content I put out there. It feels like I’d, be really letting them down. They say you should do what you love and then you’ll never work a day in your life and be honest. I just don’t love poker anymore.

It’S too much pain. I know a lot of people out. There say: oh pain, you should work my job, that’s pain, evidence or do a big jerk of a boss or tiling roofs in a hundred degree weather. I’M sure those are pretty painful jobs, but this is a different type of pain.

It’S an emotional pain that really makes me rage and brings out the worst person inside of me when things don’t go well the table or every time I lose the tournament. So I’m gon na have to take some time off and really analyze what I want to do see what opportunities are presented to me and make a decision thanks for watching until next time.