What Do You Know About The Razz Poker?

Razz is a variant of Seven Card Stud Poker where the lowest hand wins. The rules are almost the same as for Seven Card Stud Poker, but the following is different:

Razz Poker, here from a table at Full Tilt Poker

Razz Poker, here from a table at Full Tilt Poker

›The lowest hand wins the pot.
›Aces are low only. A pair with Aces are lower than a pair with Queens.
›The high card is demanded to bet on the forced bring-in bet
›If two players have the same low hand the type of cards with the lowest cards will determine who is the first one to act. The cards are ranked like this from high to low: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs.

The game
An ante is placed on the table by all the 2-8 players. The amount of the ante is determined by the Poker Room you are in.

All players are dealt three cards. Two of them is private hole cards, and the third card is dealt face-up- The player with the highest visible card, after the ranking mentioned above, is forced to starte the bring-in betting by placing a bet which is either half of small bet or a full small bet.

This is followed by a round of bidding clockwise around the table. Each player can choose to raise, call or fold.

When the players have followed the bet by paying in the pot a new card is dealt on the table, facing up. This is the Fourth Street. Another round of betting follows, and it is started by the player with the lowest poker hand of the two cards visible on the table. Flush and Straight doesn’t count. The players can either bet or check.
If you are playing with fixed limits, all bets in the fourth street is on the lower limit.

Then you get to the Fifth Street, where all players have 3 visible cards on the table. All bets are now on the higher limit.

In the Sixth Street the last card faced up is dealt to each of the remaining players. Still it is the player with the lowest visible poker hand who is starting the round.

The Seventh Street is the last phase. The remaining players are now dealt their last card, and this card is dealt as a private card, a hole card. The last round of betting starts, and the player with the lowest five-card Razz hand wins the pot.