What’s the word? – What is the word? That’s where we’re given a word and we give the definition. – The word is? – Prosopagnosia. – Prosopagnosia. Um, well a pag nose is kinda like a pug nose, you know how. (grunting) It’s one that doesn’t breathe right. – Doesn’t function properly because of the inbreeding of canines. – So this is when a human has a pug nose and then can’t breathe, it’s that condition. At least that’s what I think, it’s human pug nose, can’t breathe condition. – I just thought this was the new name for Patagonia. – Oh yeah put that on a hat or any hiking gear. – Prosopagnosia. – The biggest threat to Patagonia not being cool anymore. – Do you have a propopagcagnosia jacket? – Hold on, they’re giving us the correct answer. This just in, prosopagnosia actually is the inability to recognize the faces of familiar people.

Oh it’s face blindness. We have a friend who’s face blind. – Face blind. – we have a face blind friend and if you wear like a. – I never introduce myself to him. – A hoodie like this. – I like screwing with him. – You could be anybody. – Okay did you know that if you type in steamy into the search bar of Netflix you’ll get a whole category of steamy Netflix movies? – No I didn’t know that. – I didn’t know that either. – I had no idea, I haven’t done that for the past seven nights straight. – We’re gonna play a game where Stevie’s going to give us the name of a Netflix film and we have to say if it’s steamy, hot steam or not steam because you know we’ve been working with steam. – Does this mean that steam appears in the movie? Like a shower scene? Like a locker room scene? – [Stevie] No it does not mean that Red, thank you for asking. – Does it mean that and an instapot is involved, or any type of pressure cooker? – [Stevie] No Link, it does not mean that either, thank you for asking. – So this is a euphemism for sexy? – [Stevie] Correct! (laughing) – I knew it. – [Stevie] To each his own, you know because some of these are very odd and I don’t understand how that’s possible but. – Well – okay. I’ll take that as a hint.

You gotta be open minded – Give us the first one. – [Stevie] Right so I’m gonna read you the title of the film and then I’m gonna read you the log line and then you’re gonna guess so you don’t have to go off title alone. – Okay. – [Stevie] Are you ready? – Log line is that a euphemism for something? (laughing) – Yeah that’s a sub category of steamy movies. – Steamy log lines. – [Stevie] That’s a different category. Below her mouth. An engaged fashion editor begins a torrid affair with a female roofer that threatens to turn both of their lives upside down. – A roofer? – Female roofer? – Roofers are sexy. They’re up there all the time on the roof, they got these unbelievable tans. – And they’ve got a vantage point like, they’re doing some roof work on my neighbors house and when I’m taking a shower they can watch me do it. – Oh! – Through my window. – So you’re giving some steamy log lines for the roofers huh?