How to get the best winning odds in a game of craps

Craps is undeniably the most popular dice rolling game in online casino games, which suits the bill of both seasoned pros and greenhorns alike. The game involves placing a wager on a pattern of dice rolls and changing your chips on the board.

Craps is one of those genres of online games that ensure the best odds in any game of chance. All that is required is sensible betting to romp home with the pot. Did you know that craps have better odds than many other web casino such as roulette baccarat or slots?

Craps is not just fun but also could be a passionate pastime, which spins around the dice rolls. There are bets of various types in the online game of crap and make sure to pick up those that favor the players such as the “odds” bet that is not drawn on the table. Before a new player gets going with dice roll, a passline bet is made and odds bet is normally made behind the passline bet. It offers the double advantage of real odds for your odds bet apart from the passline bet made on behalf of the shooter. If the player succeeded in making 6 or 8 he will be paid 6 to 5. Some casinos also allow double odds bet on your passline bet. For instance if you bet $20 on the passline, you could place an odds bet of $40.

This first roll of the dice you make is called a “come out” roll, and if the dice come up as 7 or 11, you get a second chance to roll the dice and you win. However if the dice face reads 2, 3, or 12, you lose the game as is called craps still getting the chance to roll the dice. If the dice come up as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, that is called your box point.

The game is all about continuing rolling the dice till you hit your box point again. But in case you roll a 7 before your box point, you would lose the game and a new player takes up your place to start a new game.

The online game of craps is fabled for its quick money. However, increase your bets only if you are confident of a win.  The most sensible option would be to increase the bet corresponding to the money you win so that you would be playing on free money and a loss would not empty the wallet.

Another option is the “flat” bets where you can take the profit every time you win, riding on the initial bet. Consider the case where you had placed $5 on the number 9; if you win tale the $7 profit and keep going with the initial $5 on the table. This is a safer option but you will not be making a windfall at the end of the day

Next time when you hit an online casino table for a game of craps, make sure to keep your bets right as it is fastest way to win or lose money.