How LA Rams Star Rodger Saffold Is Tackling ESports

We got 50 seconds until this game is over. We’re at 4-0 capture the flag. I’m Rodger Saffold starting lineman for the Los Angeles Rams, but one thing you don’t know is that I’m the owner of one of the best teams in ‘Call of Duty’ World League, RiseNation.

Growing up everybody know that when it came to video games, I loved the challenges that they had. I love that you have to have a goal. You have to get somewhere, you have to do something in order to obtain what you want. I used to play a bunch of adventure games when I as a kid.

We went to our first instadebit casino canada when I was at Indiana playing football, and the gift was an Xbox 360. Then I got ‘Call of Duty’ of course and I’m playing ‘Call of Duty‘ like a madman now, and I’m better than everybody on my team. I start playing online and I’m competing really well and I love all the killstreaks and stuff, and here I am super passionate about ‘Call of Duty’, so what’s next?

People start telling me to organize a team after I was streaming some videos on Twitch, and I was like “OK. No brainer, let’s get it done.” As it has continued to grow it is not very expensive when I first started. Now we’re getting sponsors involved and all these different things are happening, salaries are starting to come in to the picture.

This has really turned out to be true careers, and you know these young guys coming up are only 18 years old, have no idea how much this is going to change their lives. You have to be extremely committed, and these guys are EXTREMELY committed. One thing I know, is that everybody is starting to know what eSports is now that we had ‘CS:GO’ on TBS.

It’s getting even bigger and it’s become an actual sport, and by actual sport I mean it’s recognized by ESPN. Because of this, you’re going to have guys that are interested. Now who is telling them this is something you need to jump on? Literally everybody. The community is getting so big. I mean this is a true business.

You can’t come without being prepared, you can’t come in without having the right paperwork. You need to be a business. This is a business, and all these teams are small businesses. We have to handle it as such. The thing that I like about Rise is that right now, I got my own league. I’m the only one with my hands in it.

I don’t have a bunch of different people with their hands in doing that, so I continue to want to be kind of that guy. I also know that if I want to continue to make this organization bigger, I have to have partners. That’s just gonna have to happen and that’s just the next step. My players on Rise, they have done a fantastic job and they continue to show why we are an elite team.

I wouldn’t be doing none of this if it wasn’t for them.