Everything You Need To Know About Oasis Poker

This poker game is played with an ordinary 52 cards stack. The bet limit indicates the minimum and maximum limit for ante-bet. Here you pay a fee (non-refundable) for getting rid of and draw new cards.

Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker

The call-bet is always the double of the ante-bet.

The game
First you have to put a ante-bet. You are dealt 5 private cards. The dealer gives himself five cards, with one cards facing up and the rest private, hidden.

Now you can get rid of cards and draw new ones. The cost for this is:
1 card: 1 x ante.
2 cards: 2 x ante.
3 cards: 3 x ante.
4 cards: 2 x ante.
5 cards: 1 x ante.

Note: If you get rid of all your cards and takes five new, you are automatically calling.

You are now supposed to call and play with the hand you got, or fold and forget the ante-bet. When you go for call the dealer will turn his four remaining cards.

The one with the best hand wins. The dealer will qualify if he got Ace/King. Hands with equal value is a “tie”.